Installing and configuring connector

(swathi vadlamani) #1
  1. Login into Bots Admin console -
  2. Go to Security & Control : Click on Connector
    and download required OS file
  3. Click on Add connector button in admin console
  4. Create a new connector
  5. After adding, click on 3 ellipsis and choose generate certificate
  6. Download OpenSSL and navigate to OpenSSL folder ->Bin
  7. Open cmd from this point
  8. Set the path in the cmd prompt as given set OPENSSL_CONF={location path}\openssl-0.9.8h-1-bin\share\openssl.cnf
  9. Copy the openssl key generator code from generate signed certificate window and paste it in Openssl cmd prompt.
  10. Navigate to openssl bin folder
    and check that Koreconnector.key/csr files are generated
  11. Cut them and paste it in ‘Credential Folder’ of KoreConnector folder
  12. Now open the CSR file in Notepad++ and copy the code and paste it in Generate Signed Certificate window - Paste certificate signing request(CSR) below field and click on Generate button
  13. Download Certificate button will appear, Click on it to download
  14. Take the downloaded file and paste it is Credentials folder of KoreConnector
  15. Now navigate to KoreConnector folder and open CMD from there
  16. Enter KoreConnector.cmd start command and observe that connector is started

Refer for more details