How to transfer Master-Admin role

This post would explain in detail on how to change/transfer the master-admin to a different user.

1.To sign up for a Bots Admin account, one must meet the few requirements.

  • A valid email address.
  • A validated user account. If you do not have a user account, will create a user account for you, and you must validate that account before proceeding.
  • Authorization to control the Bots Admin account. Only one user in an account can be the primary Bots Admin. The Primary bot admin can add multiple other users as admin with custom defined permissions.

2.Inviting the user and assigning him the bots.

  • Invite user to join by sending him an invite to join if he/she is a new user.
  • User enrolls in using the link you sent in the invite. Using this link, user signs up and provides a password and other user info for his/her account.
  • Once the sign-up process is complete, you can assign him/her to one or more bots

3.Assigning user the same role permissions you have and transfer bot ownership.

  • From User Management under Bot Admin Console , select Role Management.
  • Hover over the role that you want to assign to the user and click the edit icon.
  • From the Manage Role dialog, under Assignments tab click Assign Role button.
  • Type and select the User Name you want to add.

Note: Once the user is given with admin role, it is shown as ‘Admin’ for that user and your role is showing as ‘Primary Master Admin’.

4.Now the user who is given the master-admin role can log in and change your role permissions.

Note: once your account permission is changed/revoked by the Admin, whoever has the admin role will be made Primary Admin.

For more information on other details related to Role Management, please refer

For more information on Bot Admin console, please refer

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