How can we control bot to be opened from multiple tabs by same user

(Jay) #1

We are having a situation where single user is able to open the bot in multiple tabs and start different chat from all opened tabs.

i.e multiple sessions by same user

Is there a way we can control this ? either by indicating that the user session is already opened or showing the same view everywhere instead of different chats ?

Please let us know how can we achieve above.

(Jay) #2

Havent been receiving any responses these days !

Anyways, I was able to find the answer for this and posting it here in case its useful to anyone.

Basically, the jwt token that we pass in “botOptions.assertionFn” has to be generated by setting the jwt “sub” with something unique to the user like userId/email.

In my case i am getting a single session at same time even if user opens chat window from multiple places.

There’s also “botOptions.userIdentity” which i think has to be set to something unique for the user.