Entities list of enumerations (options) is not working in Telegram channel

options of Entity node are not showing at telegram channel user interface (UI), only messages are showing

Hi Srihari,

We infer from your explanation that you are using ListOfValues(enumerated) type entity node and observed that the options are not displaying in Telegram channel.

Kindly confirm if you have chosen “Yes, use channel specific format” for DisplayListOfValues property in the entity node configuration.


Kindly send us the complete description of the issues with appropriate screenshots to help you further.

Yoga Ramya

Hi ,
Screenshots added , please find themCapture2 Capture1
Yes I have chosen “Yes, use channel specific format” option and It is working fine in web-channel but not working in Telegram channel.

And I also have important doubt, please help me. That is,
After building bot, How do provide my bot to end users, How do my bot access end users userContext data, I mean we need their profile, how to solve it. only my developer account profile is working
especially this problem is in channels, I have used {{context.session.UserContext.emailid}} for identifying users Individually, My bot also need to give session to users accordingly. But i am getting UserContext data fro any channel.